With a hot new CD “Letters from the Psych Ward” and a large-scale summer tour planned, Blacklist Union is among the USA’s top independent rock bands.

“Letters from the Psych Ward” and its various singles and videos have charted, Blacklist Union is selling out club concerts, and leader Tony West is pumped.

West, whose voice is eerily reminiscent of the late Andrew Wood (Mother Love Bone), with melodic hints of greats like Ozzy Osbourne and Steven Tyler, who moves like Axl Rose, and has the electrifying energy of Scott Weiland is the driving force of Blacklist Union. The band’s success has come in layers over a career that spans five full albums, a series of high-quality videos, and numerous tours.

“We bring the rock. So, if you love up-tempo kick-ass rock and roll, you will love Blacklist Union,” West said. “I am very proud of Blacklist Union. I have hung in there for a long time, and all I’ve got to say is, we’re not going away.”

Blacklist Union’s tour begins May 23rd in San Diego.

“Letters from the Psych Ward” features numerous No. 1 singles on Billboard’s secondary market Rock chart, and several videos, like the title track, have gone viral – especially impressive for a band without major-label backing.

But Blacklist Union’s fortunes are changing.

They’ve always been among Los Angeles’ top club bands with their flavorful combination of huge riffs, meaningful alt-rock lyrics and West’s glam image – and now the world is about to catch up.

“We finally got a booking agent. We’ll be going to Europe and South America. We’re always down to play. We did some great shows last month with Texas Hippie Coalition, and we’re looking forward to going out with them again. Let’s rock this shit.”

Originally from New York, West grew up on bands like New York Dolls and Ramones before packing for Los Angeles with only his guitar and the clothes on his back.

West has had more wild ups and downs than just about anyone through the years – you can feel both his pain and his unwavering enthusiasm in Blacklist Union’s lyrics – and If anyone is ready to be the new face of rock, it is Tony West. And while he would probably call himself a punker, his chiseled features and androgynous look have served him well, as female fans love his British rock star-cool image while the guys love Blacklist Union’s high-volume twin guitars and pounding rhythm.

West first collaborated with guitarist Todd Youth (Murphy’s Law/Danzig), who proved a big influence and helped West find his feet in a tough business that applauds you one minute, then turns its back the next.

The tall, tattooed, black-haired West first made a name for himself in Malfunkshun, a popular Seattle-grunge flavored band kept active by Andy Wood’s brother, Kevin Wood.

Blacklist Union is currently managed by veteran industry pro Paul Crosby from the Grammy nominated, multi-platinum band Saliva. West also recorded with Saliva, and Jon E. Love (Love/Hate) a few years back, but Blacklist Union is his heart and soul.

“Letters from the Psych Ward” was released in September and has been acclaimed by music journalists.

This is a train that’s moving. Either hop on for the ride or watch ‘em go.


Halo is about people that pretend they are holier than thou, and that’s not the case.

Caroline is about my wife.

F Bomb is a great song man.

People Are People is a Depeche Mode cover.

Strung Out On Jesus is about my father, who thinks all his sins have been abolished by Jesus all of a sudden.

Tony West

Lead Singer - Blacklist Union
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