Blacklist Union Interview

Blacklist Union Interview

– What’s new in the world of Blacklist Union?
We are working the new record. We just released the video for our current single “Evil Eye”, and we are gearing up to release the video for our next single “Super Jaded”.

– How was it recording your album Back To Momo?
The recording process was amazing. We did the majority of the record at The Village Recorder which is owned by Jeff Greenberg in West Los Angeles, and we had Chris Johnson executive produce the record. We welcomed Ghian Wright onto the team as well. It was an awesome quick pro process.

– Do you have any tours coming up in the near future?
Yes will be touring the United States here pretty soon and we’re still working on getting over to Europe.

– Vinyl is making a comeback. Do you have a personal preference? Is your band producing on vinyl?
I like psychical copies. CDs and vinyl. We just put in an order to process vinyl for “Back to Momo”.

Music Videos
– How important are music videos in the industry today? How do they compare to videos from 20 years ago?
I think music videos are fun, important, and vital.

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– Great job on the Evil Eye promo video. How much work was placed to finish the music video?
We work with Matt Zane who is totally pro and professional. We leave all the post production up to him. It is a very professional and easy process with Matt, and I highly recommend him for all your video needs.

– When writing songs, is there a certain instrument you prefer for the creative process? Have you always used the same method?
It’s all about the guitar and vocal line when writing, and why fix something that’s not broken. We will always follow the same process as long as it works.

– In your career you have played with great musicians. What would be your greatest memories and achievements until now?
Singing in Andrew Woods band Malfunkshun was a triumphant moment for me personally that’s for sure.

– Do you see a biography being written someday about the experiences you acquired or will acquire in your life?
The autobiography is coming and the movie will be too.

– Any words of wisdom to share with aspiring artists?
Perfect your craft and do it for the love of it.

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