Interview: Blacklist Union’s Tony West Remembers Todd Youth

Posted by caemanamelio on November 25, 2018 (Metal Anarchy)

Blacklist Union’s Tony West is currently honoring the late Todd Youth by offering fans a free download of Blacklist Union’s “Back To Momo,” which they wrote together. I was recently given the opportunity to interview West about the tribute and his friendship with Youth. You can read the full chat below. Youth, who previously performed with Fireburn, Danzig, Agnostic Front, Murphy’s Law, Warzone, Cheap Trick, and tons more, passed away on October 28.

METAL ANARCHY: I just wanted to start by saying sorry for your loss. How did you first find out about Todd’s death?

WEST: Thank you. I actually got a text about it. I told them it was a mistake. They told me to look online that it was all over the Internet.

METAL ANARCHY: How did you two originally meet?

WEST: I grew up in New York City in the hardcore and the punk rock scene. Todd Youth was a huge part of that scene. And I grew up seeing him play in many bands like Murphy’s Law and Warzone etc. We met in 2002 when he moved out to Los Angeles through some mutual friends.

METAL ANARCHY: How would you describe your friendship?

WEST: We had a very deep friendship. We talked about our pain in our childhood and loves and losses. We also had an extremely special writing relationship with music.

METAL ANARCHY: What is one of your favorite memories of Todd?

WEST: I would have to say writing the “Back To Momo” record. That was a really special time. But other than that every moment we spent together was a beautiful thing. We did a lot. We talked a lot. We honestly cared about each other as humans. He was such a big hearted kind person. He also was human and fallible and drove me absolutely fucking bonkers at times.

METAL ANARCHY: What was it like writing music with him?

WEST: Writing music was effortless with him.

METAL ANARCHY: You are currently paying tribute to the legendary musician with a free download of “Back To Momo.” What made you decide this was the best way to honor him?

WEST: There’s a lot of people that don’t know that record is out there that are fans of Todd’s. And I want to make sure they hear his amazing song writing skills and guitar playing. We actually created magic together. And I just felt like it was a kind gesture especially making it available for free.

METAL ANARCHY: Are you planning any other sorts of tributes?

WEST: Well we’re in the process of writing the new Blacklist Union record. There were three songs that me and Todd were working on. Those will be on the record. And also the new record will be called “Letters From The Psych Ward“ and of course that will be dedicated to my brother and friend Todd Youth.

METAL ANARCHY: How do you think Todd should be remembered?

WEST: As a rock ‘n’ roll soldier- the real deal.

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